Sweet-ass photo courtesy of  Kristyna Archer .

Sweet-ass photo courtesy of Kristyna Archer.


About me

Copywriting is my jam (jelly preferred, but strawberry is ok). I love the challenge of promoting a brand to the masses. I've written for just about every medium, so whether it's a Facebook post or brand manifesto—I tackle each assignment with experience and excitement. 

As far as targeting those millennilas, I got that covered—as I am a living, breathing millennial myself! The last few years, I've had the opportunity to write Snap ads, geo-filters, Facebook canvas ads, and holograms (ok, not that last one—but it's only a matter of time). 

Outside of advertising, I recently completed my first novel, "Selling Jack." I'm hoping to get it published soon. Check out the "sneak read" in my work section. 

Originally from the Windy City, I currently reside in the west side of Los Angeles with my wife Nikki and long-haired chihuahua/fox, Becks. When I'm not writing, I enjoy trying new beers, hiking old trails, and long walks on the beach—although I must reapply sunscreen often as I burn easily. SPF 50, baby! 

You can reach me at johnotoole930@gmail.com or by sending a raven to Sir Jonathon of Brentwood.

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Family hiking selfie.

Family hiking selfie.

It would be cool if Rob Schneider's "Copy Guy" was a co-worker of mine.

It would be cool if Rob Schneider's "Copy Guy" was a co-worker of mine.